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Specialized insurers, personalized coverage 

Our multi-insurer setup differentiates Major from the competition. For each of your benefits, Major will identify the insurance provider which best fits your needs, at the best price. In addition to helping you save, selecting specialized insurers for each benefit allows us to offer enhanced plans.

Specialized insurers

A turn-key, single point of contact solution 

No matter who the insurer providing the coverage is, it is our staff who will administer your plan, process your claims and make your payments. Contrary to a traditional broker model, our team will be your single point of contact for every aspect of your plan. Furthermore, your employees will be able to manage their claims with one single pay direct card and one mobile application.

Major Group

Eliminate the pain and hassle of renewal 

With Major, you will no longer have to go back to square one and spend countless hours looking for the ideal insurance provider at every renewal. Not only do we do this work for you, but you and your employees will not be impacted if your insurer changes. You will keep the same systems and your employees will keep the same certificate number and pay direct card.

Exclusive technologies that make your life easier 

With its user-friendly interface and integrated pay direct card, our mobile application allows participants to submit claims, view their statements and monitor usage of their coverage. The same convenient services are available in our Participant Web Portal, which is just as easy to navigate. 

Major also developed its own proprietary benefits administration platform. Employers have direct access to this platform via a portal that allows them to view employee benefits information, add employees, modify their coverage and receive their invoices.

Exclusive technologies

Considerable, enduring savings 

The Major Solution costs less because our fees are lower than those charged by insurers to administer a plan. Having our own claims processing platform also allows us to very precisely calculate all the factors that affect the cost of a plan, without having to account for the margins added by insurers. This allows us to offer savings that endure year after year, as opposed to one-time deals.

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“We believed our premiums were low because we belonged to an association, but the Major Solution allowed us to save 14.6%. Premiums were guaranteed for 28 months and when we were up for renewal, Major Group was able to maintain them.” Denis Plante, President FSH Welding Canada

“Major Group recommended we choose its multi-insurer and plan administrator solution. While our insurer had proposed in 2015 to raise our premiums by 17%, Major Group proposed to reduce them by 10% – a 27% difference! Three years later, we are still paying less than in 2015.” Denis Choinière, President Consumaj Inc.

A vast network of partners providing discounts  

Thanks to the Major Rebate Network, your employees will have access to numerous rebates and preferential rates offered by partners such as Groupe visuel Iris, Centres dentaires Lapointe, Nautilus Plus, Énergie Cardio, and many different types of healthcare professionals.

A vast network of partners